The Star Wars Saga

Titles in rolling Credits

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My interests have been irreversibly perked by science fiction. It seems as though the fight scenes or more fast paced sequences within the bracket of science fiction films serve as a side dish to the bigger picture, the journey to ultimate discovery; uncovering and understanding a mystery. 

I suppose it is because of this quest for knowledge that more often than not the greater obstacles within the second act usually tie into themes of ignorance or fear of that which is unknown or vastly different. Depending on the reversal, be it positive or negative, the outcome might either perk the curiosity of sic-fi nuts more so or answer every question that had been set up in the first and second acts.

I have great intrigue when it comes to science fiction, this stems from my fascination with how it envelops other genres like action, adventure, comedy, drama, tragedy and even at times romance.

In my humble opinion it is by far the most flexible genre while, when developed successfully, one of the more profitable. I eagerly look forward to studying it further.   

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New collar ♥

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my sister had a sonogram today and i can’t stop laughing

the force is strong with this one

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baddest door knocker i’ve ever seen; Monschau, Germany.

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Quotes on We Heart It.


Quotes on We Heart It.

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